Subject Re: [IBO] TimeoutProps & CommitAction
Author Jason Wharton
They shouldn't disturb the user and I have gone to great lengths to test and
insure they don't. If you say they are then I need steps to reproduce this

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: RE: [IBO] TimeoutProps & CommitAction

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> > I think I need a little more information.
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> > I have a query that displays some info, if the user
> > doesn't do anything for a while it appears that the
> > query closes by its self.
> >
> > I think that this is because of the interaction of
> > the TIB_Transaction.TimeoutProps & the
> > TIB_Query.CommitAction, such that when the TimeoutProps
> > close the transaction the query CommitAction(=caClose)
> > closes the Query and the screen goes blank.
> I observed the same behavior in IB_WISQL a couple of weeks ago, not sure
> it has been changed.
> IMO, the OAT management features by default shouldn't disturb the user.
> for the user that wants to tackle IBO as a BDE option without fiddling
> 400 properties and for the user that wants to create a typical application
> without mastering IBO, the OAT management features shouldn't close
> while the GUI is being used. Maybe some defaults should be changed to
> prevent this closing action?
> C.