Subject Re: [IBO] Zeos & IBObject & IBExpress
Author Jason Wharton
> Do anyone know the different betw. Zeos & IBObject ??

Yes, IBO is written specifically for InterBase/Firebird. Zeos is "jack of a

> I know IBObject got a lot of interbase control and other feature, but
> while talking about the speend, which one offer the best performance ??

Count on IBO being able to deliver better performance.

> I think Zeos is OpenSource and it could connect to MySQL/PostgreSQL,
> make it very attractive for those programmer who want pay less to the
> as we still need to pay the license fee to the Interbase.

Any objection to Firebird? I don't recall anyone requiring license fees.

> Regarding those SQL feature, i think PostgreSQL is comparable to
> Interbase, even it could compare to MSSQL or Oracle..

InterBase's SQL implementation far exceeds the quality of PostgreSQL.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ