Subject Re: Columns information
Author Stefan "Osti" Grosskreutz
quoting IBO help for TIB_Column :

SQLScale The number of digits of precision for numerical storage.
SQLSubType The BLOB type is indicated with this property.
SQLType Native InterBase SQLType code for this column.
SQLTypeSource This returns the SQL code that will provide the column
type when it was created in a CREATE TABLE statement.

the actual type codes you find in ib_Header.pas
SQL_BLOB = 520; SQL_BLOB_ = 521;
SQL_D_FLOAT = 530; SQL_D_FLOAT_ = 531;
for every type exist 2 constants,
the types with underscore are the "nullable" fields.


stefan "osti" grosskreutz

DataSet.FieldByName ('MyFieldName').SQLType

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Marc Leclerc" <mlpgr@c...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to gather information on columns. I have found several
places to get some info but I am still missing the field type and
size. I am trying to work at the TIB_BDataset level. FieldDefs[] does
not seem to be accessible.
> for I := 0 to Dataset.Fields.ColumnCount -1 do
> begin
> memo1.Lines.Add(Dataset.Fields.Columns[i].FieldName);
> memo1.Lines.Add(Dataset.Fields.Columns[i].DisplayName);
> end;
> What i am missing is the type (char,int,num,boolean...) and size. I
want to dismiss BLOB, BINARY and setup an editbox mask/validation
according to the type of data. And if possible to get the value used
for booleans.
> Thanks
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