Subject Re: [IBO] SQL Help
Author Daniel Bertin
>Change handler code to
> if Active then Close;
> ParamByName('date').asdate :=;
> Open;

I fixed this

> >SQL IBOquery1:
> >select * from notesdata
> >where notedate = :date
> >and notetype = 'D'
> >order by notedate descending, notetime descending
>Why are you ordering by notedate descending, when all of the output has
>only one date?

and this

>1. Are your KeyLinks correct?

keylinks string is empty, for each query. what is it used for?

>2. Do you have a Datasource property on this query that might be
>interfering with your query parameters? Drop a TIB_MonitorDialog on your
>form and inspect the statement that is being sent to the server. Paste
>the relevant output back here to the list.

this is the output from the IB_monitordialog
I don't know what this means?
TR_HANDLE = 15367992
TR_HANDLE = 15368256
TR_HANDLE = 15366504