Subject Re: [IBO] SQL Monitor
> > Is there any way I can use IBmonitor to trace a connection
> > in a remote datamodule ?
> By remote, do you mean in another application? If so, then the answer
> is not as far as I know - unless you can rebuild that application with
> SQLMonitor in it.

And having built the application with SQLMonitor in it - if that is practical
- the output can either be directed to a file, which can be read remotely, or
the lines can be sent via TCP/IP to the remote listener. I use the file
method as I normally just want a quick check when a problem has been flagged.

This is not something that Jason would be building into IBO - as it is a
possible security issue, and the IBMonitor is designed to extract itself
completely when not active, so speed is only affected when the monitor is ON,
as another security step.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services