Subject Re: [IBO] Atn: Jason. Regarding Long Running Queries.
Author Jason Wharton
No, Application.ProcessMessages() will not do it. You need a separate
message loop that will not cause a re-entry to the API while the call is
running on the server.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Atn: Jason. Regarding Long Running Queries.

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> > Are you suggesting that this wait state can be changed? To my knowledge,
> > ONLY SYBASE (and maybe SOLID) yields control while executing queries.
> > There's no info coming from IB while a query executes. There's no way to
> > stop a query in the middle.
> >
> What i mean to say is when query text is sent to server and
> server is executing it
> the routine from ibo which does this job (just a guess)
> might be waiting till the job is finished at server and
> when the job is finished it comes out of loop and presents
> data. Within that whether its possible to generate timely
> events which can serve the purpose. Even
> application.Processmessage will also serve the purpose.
> Thanks
> R. S. patil