Subject Re: [IBO] Atn: Jason. Regarding Long Running Queries.
Author Jason Wharton
I really cannot justify taking time on a feature such as this right now.
I like the idea I suggested about having a generic component which receives
messages with its own thread. The entire foundation is in IBO to allow this
with the TIB_Session[Props] components.
Someone just needs to know how to have a thread with its own message queue
and to present a form indicating progress. Actually, not progress but
activity. There isn't any mechanism to tell what the progress of a job
running on the server is.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Atn: Jason. Regarding Long Running Queries.

> Hello Jason,
> Remember previous Post about everything is standstill when
> log running query is fired.
> While stepping through code i found that when open method of
> query is fired query sends sql text to sever and waits till
> response from server. I u could put some event at regular
> time interval then we can show some animation on the screen
> to tell user that something is going on. Since all users
> have been migrated from pdox applications are used to
> progress bars for long running jobs and most of the time
> they reset machine even though IBO->IB 6 is taking almost
> 1/2 the time which pdox application was taking.
> Thanks
> R. S. Patil