Subject Re: [IBO] 3.6D does not compile/link with BCB 5
Author Steven Beames
I had the same problem.......have you tried deleting the entry for "Intermediate output" from the
Project Options / Directories/Conditionals page?

Brisbane, Australia

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Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2001 5:58 PM
Subject: [IBO] 3.6D does not compile/link with BCB 5

> Hello,
> I just downloaded IBO 3.6D and tried to install it (BCB 5 Prof.)
> It compiles just fine but the linker complains "Unable to open
> IBD_CANCELQUERY.PAS is not in the project file. When I manually add it, the
> linker complains IBD_LOGIN.OBJ.
> Seems that the project file for BCB5 does not reflect the current version.
> Mario