Subject Mask Edit Problem
Author Chris Hulsey
Hello All,

I am converting from BDE to IBO. I was using the TDBEdit fields and am now using TIB_EditEnh. The problem is that I am trying to do a simple ZIP Code data entry mask. When I did it with the TDBEdit all I did was set the mask:

TDBEdit *Edit_Field;

Edit_Field->Field->EditMask = "!99999-9999;0";

It use to set the "-" in the field and hold the place while the user entered the numbers it would skip over the "-" field. I can not get this same effect with the TIB_EditEnh. It allows me to enter the correct number of numbers and that they are numbers put the "-" only shows when I first load the form. I even used the sample edit mask with the help provided, but could not get it to work. I know that this is probably simple.

Thanks in advance,

Chris Hulsey

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