Subject "De-Includer" for IBO ??
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi all,

i've just started writing a db-(or rather: IB_)-aware version of TSynEdit (a
free syntax highlighting edit control). I thought i'd just look at the TIB_Memo
and do it the same way, but the intensive (or should i say: excessive?) use of
{$I ...} includes in the sources is giving me a very hard time here, esp.
for those IB_Ctrls...

(although i see the advantages of re-using code parts for different classes
with different ancestors, it drives me crazy to see what defines are set in a
specific piece of code... things get Defd and UnDefd all over the place) - or
am i just missing something obvious ??

One more thing is that i like navigating between the interface and
implementation parts with Ctrl+Shft+Up/Down, but this won't work whith the
sources split up the way they are :-(

So, question: is there any tool / trick / anything that i can put the
IBO-sources into to get a version with all includes resolved (that is, put
the actual code in place of the {$I...}) ?

(not that you get the wrong impression, for the rest i really like IBO :-))

tia for any hints,