Subject Re: [IBO] Numeric(10,2) from Domain gives TIBOBCDfield in Delphi!?
Author Rohit Gupta
No, but previously stored data on those fields causes the app to belly-up.
That is if I open any form that use tables with those numeric types. If I
comment out the changes, they work fine.

SYmptoms are that either it doesnt get the records, or it says unknown
software error - presumably during conversion. SInce I was in the middle of
applying the mods for dialect-3-quote feature, I had to overcome this
pronto. I have to runa few apps to confirm that the changes I am making

I have finished all the ones that work one one identifier. And teh changes
look quite tidy. Now I have a suite that unfortunately have to work with

1. semi-colon delimited fields
2. Fields in TList
3. FIelds in StringList

I am still scatching my head as to how to do these cleanly.

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> > The major one is that the now
> > the data in the tables is stuffed.
> What do you mean by this?
> Are you using Midas?
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