Subject Re: [IBO] 64 bit integers in ID fields?
Author Jason Wharton

> I am just looking at using IB 6... I read that generators now return 64
> integers. Is it therefore logical to make all my Id fields 64 bit
> I don't see a new Int 64 datatype, and it appears as though Integer is
> a 32 bit datatype, so does that mean I would need to use Numeric(18, 0)??
> Is changing to this a waste of time, any performance penalties over just
> using integer?

It might be best to wait until you are using Delphi 6 if you are using
TDataset based stuff in your applications. This is because there is no
support for 64 bit integers with MS variants and this is what Delphi 5 uses.
In Delphi 6 variants are getting a total rewrite (so to speak) so that there
is a way to handle varients easily across platforms.

If you are using native IBO stuff then plow ahead and do it.

Yes, Numeric( 18, 0 ) is what you have to use for this.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ