Subject Re: [IBO] How to Detect Whether Conection is Lost.
Author R. S. Patil
Thanks Joseph,

I gave lot of thinking to ur idea and rewrote query opening,
append, edit, post, delete etc. etc.
Functions. (Thank GOD while writing application i got an
idea to create functions for Query Open, Append etc. etc.
like IBQuery_Open(qry:TIB_Query) otherwise whole application
might have to be modified).

> One simple way to handle this, is through a timer that periodically checks
> the connection status of your IB_Connection and takes appropriate action

while testing Connection.Status the status wont get modified
till some action on query is
performed. so using it in a timer and checking fails. Its
not possible to get status
of connection by Status property.

Can some body tell us how to check whether connection with
server is lost.