Subject Re: [IBO] SQLWhereItems.Add only inside OnPrepare?
Author Jason Wharton
I will only support modifications of this nature during the OnPrepareSQL
phase. To do anything else just goes back to the confusion of SQL clean-up.
Let the way it is grow on you a little more and you will see the sense in it
being the way it is even if you can't put the code all in one little tidy

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] SQLWhereItems.Add only inside OnPrepare?

> Hi, I'm using SQLWhereItems to change query conditions at runtime.
> After some experiments, I've found that the only place where put the
> SQLWhereItems.Add('condition') is in the OnPrepare event of the query.
> So my program has a button that, once pressed, does:
> InvalidateSQL;
> Refresh;
> First;
> and in the OnPrepare are set the query SQL conditions.
> It would useful to me if, instead, would be possible to set these
> conditions outside the OnPrepare, so I could have, for instance, 3
> buttons with different conditions, or programmatically use different
> conditions in the program flow without the need of a global variable
> to make OnPrepare aware of what condition I need. Is it possible? I
> mean something like:
> Button1.Click()
> begin
> InvalidateSQL;
> SQLWhereItems.Add('condition1')
> SQLWhereItems.Add('condition2')
> Refresh;
> First;
> end;
> Thanks
> Marco Menardi