Subject Search question
Author Nico Callewaert

I have a form for searchedit connected to a query, in the OnPrepare
statement, I have a line like this : .... SQLWhereItems.Add ('UPPER (NAME)
Now a user is asking me if it is possible to search for a string not
starting with, but like a substring.
I think I can solve it with : .... SQLWhereItems.Add ('UPPER (NAME) IN
:NAME'); ???
Right ?
But the problem then is, how will I make a difference between the 2, because
user A will intend to look for a name STARTING WITH, and user B would like
to search on a substring in that name.
Do I need 2 SearchEdit components for it ? In case if, if the user would
switch between the 2 search modes, I guess I have to reprepare the statement
with the right SQLWhereItems clause ?
Or is there a better way for this ?


Nico Callewaert