Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Right-trimming defaults
Author Jason Wharton

> >David, how would you like an AsRawString property? This would be a way to
> >explicitly have the trimming rules ignored regardless of what the
> >are. Then this would become the divider between the "interactive"
> >application and the "non-interactive" application.
> Sounds like a great idea, as a matter of fact! That way, it keeps happy
> developers who sometimes (like me) need to know that what gets put in is
> fact what gets given back, spaces and all. Although IBO is not to blame
> (because we weren't using it then, and the RDBMS wasn't InterBase), we
> had a lot of trouble with databases or database components munging our
> spaces, and had to resort to wrapping ".AsString" calls with a kludge like
> "FixDBStr". We could only do that because in each case we knew the
> size of the string and could hence right pad with the required number of
> spaces. The situation for others might be more difficult.

Ok, consider AsRawString a feature soon to be added.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ