Subject Re: [IBO] AV on datamodul
Author Lucas Franzen
Jason Wharton schrieb:
> DCU's aren't the only thing that needs replacing when updating IBO. You need
> to hunt down old package files and delete them too. Often times just doing a
> recompile doesn't refresh your package files.


I dropped the IB package.
I deleted the dcu, bpl.
Then I re-installed (compile/install) the package.
And still no difference....

Maybe one more hint:
before re-installing I had a problem with IB_Grids on one form; one of
these grids was connected to a TIB_DataSource (on the form, too) which
was connected to a IB_Query on that datamodul.
When trying to move fields in the grid I had the effect that the fields
didn't move, but just exchanged their field width.

Example: before moving column:
[CustNo ][CustName ]
after moving CustName to the first place it looked like:
[CustNo ][CustName]

neither the titles nor the data changed its position.
I only had it on THIS one form (two grids, both showing the same
behaviour), nowhere else....

At least I got rid of this....