Subject Re: [IBO] Using Fast Report with IBO Native Queries
Author Geoff Worboys
> At present i am using RB with IBO pipeline and IBO
> native queries.
> The discussion in the list indicated that Fast report
> generates reports faster and has very small foot print.
> Can somebody tell me how can try out FR with IBO native
> queries since RB sometimes takes much longer to generate
> reports.

I dont (yet) use Fast Report, but I do use RB and know what you are
talking about. As soon as I get time I will be looking for an

To quote from an archived email...

FastReport is at

The 2.4 version can be built to provide IBO support in addition
to an IBX version amongst others.

The free version 2.21 is BDE native only.


So it seems you need to register to try it with IBO native.

> Plz also comment on r there any significant advantages
> other than speed and foot print
> in using FR over RB

All I can say is that I have only heard good things about FastReport
on this list, but then I dont know just how many people use it. I
know a lot of people use RB, myself included, but we live with the
shortcomings (of the product and the support) in order to get the

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing