Subject Re: [IBO] Master/Detail tables
Author Geoff Worboys

This ones been missed for a while, sorry about that. Remember, if you
dont get an answer within a few days you should probably post the
question again as it is easy to miss the occassional item when we get

> Question!
> Do I need to setup the KeyLinks and KeySource propertys also in the
> detail querys, and if I need so then can I use the same
> what I using for the MasterSource proprety or I need to create

KeySource is only required for Lookup datasets (see the online help).

Yes KeyLinks are required for detail datasets. The MasterLinks only
controls the relationship with the master dataset, the KeyLinks are
still required in order to properly insert and edit. Sometimes the
keylinks may contain fields that are also in the MasterLinks, but
often they are different.

> components link with the detail tables - I also use this form to
> data and for searching the records, and the TIB_Grid to display the
> records. This works, but I got some times error messages like: List
out of
> bounds

Can you give us more information about this error condition? Perhaps
the callstack from when the error occurred, this may tell us where the
problem is coming from.

> Question!
> When I going to search is it enough to put the Master table in
> search mode or I must separatly also put the two detail tables in
> search mode, and also by posting the search criteria is it enough
> to post just for the master table or I must it doing for the detail
> tables (in my applications i put just the master table in seach
> mode and it worked)?

When MasterSearch is true on the detail dataset, it will follow the
master dataset into search mode. It is only necessary to post the
search critieria on the master. It sounds like you have already found
the MasterSearchOptions which control how the child dataset operates.

> How to cancel the search when I'm in search mode - I use the
> Cancel method for the master table is it enough or I must do
> somthing else?

What do you mean Cancel search? You can go directly to insert from
search mode if you want, or you can perform the search and then edit
one of the results.

> How to clear the search results and the search criteria when I'm
> browsing the master table? - I first close all the tree tables, then
> use the ClearSearch method after that I use the Prepare method
> and finaly I open the tables again - is it good or I can it do

You only need to call ClearSearch for the master, and all child
datasets (with MasterSearch) will be cleared. You do not need to
close the datasets. Dont bother calling prepare explicitly with this,
let IBO decide whether it needs to reprepare the datasets or not.

> Questions related to the TIB_Monitor component:

TIB_MonitorDialog, TIB_Monitor components.

> Is there any way to make the Monitor StayOnTop?


> Why is it that when I display the Monitor with the TIB_UtilityBar
> (I click on the Monitor button) my merged menus got unmerged?

I dont know. Is this a MDI application, with merged child window
menus? What you describe should not happen, since the monitor window
should be fully independant of the MDI application. Can you debug
into this to see if the problem is with IBO or with your application?


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing