Subject Minor annoyance...
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
When entering SQL into a TIB_Cursor after double-clicking the TIB_Cursor, I
observed something unexpected. I simply wrote: 'SELECT <whatever> FROM
<wherever> FOR UPDATE' and clicked the OK button. Doubleclicking the
TIB_Cursor again, the SQL had changed to 'SELECT <whatever> FROM
<wherever>', i.e. no update clause anymore.

If RequestLive is set to true, for update is not eliminated, nor if I enter
the data through the SQL property directly using the property editor (then
it even sets RequestLive to true automatically). But it surprised me that
IBO simply removes the FOR UPDATE if double-clicking the TIB_Cursor and not
explicitly setting RequestLive to true. A behaviour similar to when using
the property editor would be preferable.

I'm on IBO 3.6Cf.