Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Big Batch...
Author Admin
> What about cpu/disk etc. on the client pc.
> (Assuming 100%: Check pagesize, cachesize, triggers, indexes, forcedwrite).

I figured out the IB_Affinity utility, tested with proc 1, then proc2,
then with both and saw no significant performance difference. Left IB
running on proc2. This database is used only by me, there are no
triggers, procedures, indexes, not even a primary key. I empty it at the
beginning of the routine, and stuff it full again<g>.

> I just wondered whether some of your code (by necessity) were taking more
> time than you expected. E.g. loading files into Stringlists and
> manipulating all the StringLists. I have never tried having 1000's of
> strings in a StringList. However, nothing of this should be 'terribly'slow.

I've rehashed this code several times over the past two years, and found
that you can indeed handle HUGE quantities of data in strnglists &
multi-dimensional arrays quite efficiently and quickly. Never had any
problems there.

> Did you see Svein's mention of the AutoCommit setting ?

Explicitly creating an IB_Transaction and settting the AutoCommit
property to false, along with beginbusy, starttransaction, commit,
endbusy knocked another 10 seconds off for a new window of 30 - 34
seconds. Getting closer!



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