Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Big Batch...
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hmm, 39-42 secs for 14K simple rows are still far too slow. I guess
'virtual standstill' means close to 100% load and not 0%? Guess you have to
figure out how to use IBAffinity (I don't tune our server, that's Aages

In your code I notice that you don't call IB_Transaction1.Commit at the
end. If this indicates that you have AutoCommit set to true, change it
immediately (you don't want a commit for every insert). I assume you've set
the IB_Transaction property of dsql following my previous post, if not do
that too. It would be nice to know how long time it takes between your call
to IB_transaction1.BeginBusy(true) and the IB_Transaction1.Commit
(inclusive) you're about to insert ;o) If you execute your program on the
server itself (rather than from a remote workstation - transfer time is not
an issue for you quite yet), you ought to be able to reduce this time to a
couple of seconds (not too long ago there was a question on this list or
IB-support when someone required insertion of 15000 records per second -
don't think he quite succeeded, but got pretty close).