Subject Re: Big Batch...
Author Aage Johansen
>> 1. If the IB server runs on another machine, how busy is it when you run
>> the program (CPU/disk-activity)?
>Virtual standstill. ...

Assuming "Virtual standstill" meaning approx. 0% processor utilization:
A similar thing happens with us sometimes. Workstations and servers seem
to be just idling cycles away. Seems to be a network problem since there
is sluggish response everywhere. Resetting the switches in the network
clears up the problem (for a while).
What about cpu/disk etc. on the client pc.
(Assuming 100%: Check pagesize, cachesize, triggers, indexes, forcedwrite).

>> 2. If you comment out the database stuff, how is the rest of the code
>> performing (any bottlenecks outside of IB/IBO)?
>Take a look for yourself.

(A _lot_ of code for a lazy dinosaur like me - I didn't see any obcious
I just wondered whether some of your code (by necessity) were taking more
time than you expected. E.g. loading files into Stringlists and
manipulating all the StringLists. I have never tried having 1000's of
strings in a StringList. However, nothing of this should be 'terribly'slow.

>The only bottleneck that I am aware of is the data entry code. I've yet
>to figure out how to use this IB Affinity utility to get IB to use only
>one processor...

I think an example was provided with IB_Affinity - check for a
readme.txt. If you try
IB_affinity -Q
I think you will get a response where the 2 processors are given like 3 (a
binary 0011). To make IB use only processor no. 1 (or no. 2), use a mask
with 1 (or 2) - binary 0001 (or 0010).
IB_affinity -A2
should restrict IB to use processor 2 only, -A1 indicates processor 1, -A3
indicates both processors.
Afterwards, run again with the -Q switch to check that you were successful.
Note that if you run many programs on the server these may use both (or
all) processors as and when they are available.
Remember that you will have to set the mask after IB server is started
(every time!).

Aage J.

Did you see Svein's mention of the AutoCommit setting ?