Subject Big Batch...
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I am downloading the symbol lists for the 4 major american stock
exchanges. This list grows in size every day, currently over 14,300
symbols. I then parse out the symbol data and insert it into a single
column(CHAR), unindexed table in IB6. The only way I yet know how to do
this is with an INSERT INTO SYMBOLS (SYMBOL) VALUES (val); statement
that inserts one row at a time, using an IB_Connection & TIBOQuery.

I've tried various approaches such as dividing up the list into chunks,
and then using several threads to insert the data. This would speed up
the process a little, but I keep getting 'Error reading data from
connection' or 'Error writing data to connection' or something like

I would like to do this as quickly as possible. Any ideas?


David Keith

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