Subject Re: [IBO] IBO + Interbase <-> dbExpress + MySQL
Author Paul Schmidt

Pardon me for my 2cents, but I have used both MySQL and IB, so I
figure I can answer your questions.

MySQL is quite fast, but that is because most of the features that
would slow it down, are missing. The last time I looked at MySQL
(last September/October) it had no support for triggers, stored
procedures or views. Referential integrity and foreign keys exist so
the parser doesn't choke, but don't do anything.

The biggest concern I had with it, had to do with the licensing, it's
extremely confusing, in some cases it's GPL, in other cases it isn't
and requires that you pay support fees, and in still other cases that
you pay royalties on top of the support fees. I read the licence
through a number of times, and it still wasn't clear.

Now as for speed, it's a non-issue, you need to size the database
server properly, to get the performance level you want. MySQL might
have a slightly faster engine, but you don't have triggers and
stored procedures, which means you can't run some database operations
on the server, and that means more load on the client and network.


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Subject: [IBO] IBO + Interbase <-> dbExpress + MySQL

> Jason,
> What is the pro & con for the above combination regarding
> flexibility,speed,compability, expense .. etc ???
> I think the dbExpress + MySql that come with Kylix (or also Delphi 6
> ??) will make a lot of ppl switch to that area.

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