Subject RE: [IBO] IBO + Interbase <-> dbExpress + MySQL
Author Kaputnik

in addition to what Jason said, I would like to mention, that mySQL is NOT a
real RDBMS....please, no flame-wars here, but mySQL is missing substantial
features an RDBMS has to offer, the main lack is the missing referential

So, if you really want to use dbExpress (and I do not see any reason to do
it except you really want to use strict n-tier) use it with Interbase and
not mySQL.
mySQL is aimed for single-user access flat-file database wich understand
SQL-92 entry level, and not more. It can do fast table-scans, and jump to
the last record quite fast, but it does not handle transactions, does not
handle referential integrity, does not allow you to use stored procs
directly (only via some strange module-mechnism) and do not even think of

Ah, well, and you loose of course all these nice little things IBO has to
offer :-)

CU, Kaputnik
(Nick Josipovic)

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> Subject: [IBO] IBO + Interbase <-> dbExpress + MySQL
> Jason,
> What is the pro & con for the above combination regarding
> flexibility,speed,compability, expense .. etc ???
> I think the dbExpress + MySql that come with Kylix (or also
> Delphi 6 ??) will make a lot of ppl switch to that area.
> Thanks
> Magic Ang
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