Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Query Error message incomplete
Author Harald Klomann
mmenaz@... wrote:
> Hi, I've put in a datamodule some queryes (IB_Query) that are opened
> at program startup. In one of them I've made a mistake, requiring a
> inexistend column. The problem is that the error message IBO shows did
> not report the component name of the error, making debugging it
> unnecessary harder :)
> i.e. "ISC error code xxxx. ISC err. message: Dynamic SQL error. SQL
> error code xxx. Column unknown..." but in what query?

For this purpose it´s useful to have the IB_Monitor active, so you can see
which query produces the error. Simply drop a IB_UtilityBar on your form,
disable all other then wbMonitor in IB_UtilityBar.VisibleButtons

> Second
> I've the Getting Started with IBO guide and I've found (in my
> opinion) some errors and necessary improvements or clarification. Is
> it better posting here or writing directtly to Jason? Or is there a
> direct e-mail to the guide author? (Jason seems too busy these times

In my opinion, posting directly to Jason will be the best.