Subject Odp: [IBO] Searching question, Problem with TIB_Export
Author Yagi
Hi Harald,

> Harald wrote:

> Hi Yagi,
> I made an example program and found that there are the 2 errors you
described :
> 1.) Wrong building of search criteria when using aliases.
> 2.) Setting the FieldsDisplayLabel in QueryEditor.
> The only solution, AFAK, is not to use the aliases in the query statement,
but to
> type in the values for IB_Query.FieldsDisplayLabel via stringlist editor
in this form:
> this definitely works in my sample !

Thanks for your answer. I was not sure if i do something wrong. Now i know
that this is a bug in TfrmQuery form.
My problem is that I use TfrmQuery in my application to generate simple
report, than i save this report in ini file (i save property settings of
TIB_Query generated from frmQuery) and give it to user. At last i can edit
ini file and chenge this settings. Thanks a lot.