Subject Re: [IBO] Searching question, Problem with TIB_Export
Author Harald Klomann
Yagi wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> A few days ago i reported some problems with seraching (topic: Searching
> question from 15/03/2001)
> please give me a word if you are going to do something with
> this problem (maybe it's problem with my understanding of IBO).

Hi Yagi,

I made an example program and found that there are the 2 errors you described :

1.) Wrong building of search criteria when using aliases.
2.) Setting the FieldsDisplayLabel in QueryEditor.

The only solution, AFAK, is not to use the aliases in the query statement, but to
type in the values for IB_Query.FieldsDisplayLabel via stringlist editor in this form:


this definitely works in my sample !