Subject Re: [IBO] LiveMode - read this Jason.
Author Nando Dessena

> The reason I do not want to add this is mostly because of priorities. I have
> more important and useful things going right now.

I agree completely.

> Secondly, there are some negative aspects of a feature like this. There are
> a lot of things that can cause the request-live logic to return false. I
> always appreciate being able to tell which condition it is so that I can
> make it work more quickly. If I make this transparent instead of allowing
> the error message to show then I have just added one more thing that will
> potentially confuse me. It may be a permissions problem but I may pull my
> hair out thinking it is some other reason that my dataset won't allow edits.

This is a point worth considering.

> I don't think it is any harm to the user to see a simple error message
> telling them that they do not have sufficient permissions for certain
> operations. Perhaps there is a weird aspect of this if it pops up at an
> awkward time. This is will have to look into more.

So, maybe all that is needed is a way to suppress (or defer) the error
messages... But anyway I agree there are more important things on the
todo list.
Once I get into the inner workings of IBO (which has to happen some day)
maybe I will look into it myself.