Subject Re: [IBO] LiveMode
Author Jason Wharton
> Is there a property in IBO similar to the new one in IBX "LiveMode"?

I don't know what IBX's "LiveMode" is. Perhaps you could be more specific
about what you want?

> I have the problem that various users have different rights and I use
> the same IBOQuery for everyone. So because my iboq component has an
> insert_sql it gives an error when a user who does not have rights to
> insert opens it... ...although I control access from my app...

IBO has a RequestLive capability which will try and figure out how to
deliver a live dataset for you. As long as your queries are fairly simple it
will usually figure it out. It does not automatically take permissions into
consideration. This is a requested feature that I may consider for a future

You might like to take a look at using the PreventInserting, PreventEditing
and PreventDeleting properties which would allow you to control the
permissions in your application.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ