Subject RE: [IBO] howto remote connection
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> What settings has to made on the linux box to make the delhi
> program connect to it ?

You'll want to contact some of the IB tech support lists or newsgroups for
general IB issues. More below.

> The database is available at the following
> ip
> database /indiaabroad/ia.gdb
> username SYSDBA
> password masterkey

Put a line like
in your "hosts" file, then connect using IB_WISQL to
Direct IP numbers in the connection string don't work unless the IP stack
fools you by querying the name from the IP, then using the name to connect
and do a lookup again for the IP number.

Also, ensure you rebuilt IBO package from scratch if you upgraded it.
Incorrect installation of new vrsions of IBO cause weird problems.