Subject RE: [IBO] Home from Germany (slightly OT :)
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> I am living with only 3 season per year now my whole have some
> sorts of autumn from february until october and some sorts of
> winter in the
> rest of the time....
> ah, and when it is not raining, it is at least cloudy..and if one
> day really
> the sun shines, be sure to have rain for the rest of the week.

Drifting totally OT: then you may want to visit South America, but not the
tropical zone, but the temperate zone. In Chile and Argentina you can find
the fours seasons, usually well defined. Here in Chile you can find
subtropical zone in the northernmost regions; arid zone in the
middle-northern zone (the biggest telescope in the world was finished here
by ESO a couple of years ago due to the limpid, cloudless sky);
mediterranean-like, moderated climate in the middle (where I live); rainy
weather in the middle-southern with great vegetation and finally, gelid
landscapes in the southernmost regions, including tundra-like vegetation and
glaciers. Here you can see very rich people (featured in Forbes, for
example), moderately rich people, professionals with very good, good and
poor wage, clerks with good and bad salary, technicians happy and sad with
their earnings and an important mass of people without superior education
that do not get enough for having a life with real dignity. Retired people
usually receive very bad treatment and pension so the best I can do is to
work until the day I die. No racism here but a very conservative society in
some aspects. One caveat: with an inept and coward government that fosters
vandalism and delinquency, you better go to the street naked (if nudism were
allowed) so a thief would only approach you if you have a very visible
golden tooth.