Subject Controlling IB_Transaction
Author Andreas Pohl
I've to upadet a bunch of tables connected in master-detail-relationship
(e.g. orders,items etc.). I've to give decision to the user whether
transaction should be committed or not.

All of my queries and scripts are related to one TIB_Transaction comp
(AutoCommit:=False). First I connected all of my queries with mastersource
properties but I noticed that posting a detail row will post master row
implicitly. So I chained queries by myself now to avoid that.
Anyway, after finishing procedure I would like to ask user if transaction
should be saved and call CommitRetaining/RollbackRetaining depending on
users choice.

But transaction is always committed. Do I have to assign a TIB_transaction
comp to everey TIB_Dataset to achieve my needs?

Mit freundlichem Gruss & Best Regards

Andreas Pohl