Subject [IBO] Re: Switching between views?
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> How many groups will there be and how many records in the tables?

There will probably only be two or three groups sharing 8 tables
where the data has to be distinctive, and a couple of these tables
will grow by several thousand rows per year. There are quite a few
lookups and M-D setups involved. I should probably consider a way to
move the older data out to archive tables annually anyway!

> I'm not so sure this situation is going to be all that ideal.
> I think it would be best to have the group figured out and stored
on the
> client and used directly in the client app. Otherwise, you could
end up with
> some queries too difficult to properly optimize.

I think you're suggesting to have two different versions of the
program, with appropriate selection references changed. I should
probably give both ways a try and compare the speed.

Thanks again for your advice & time,