Subject Re: Blob insert woes...
Author Aage Johansen
David Keith wrote:
I wrote a routine that takes a graphic(bmp,ico,jpg,jpeg,gif) and inserts
it into an IB6 Dialect 3 blob column. This worked fine for a while, but
I must have done something to break it.
Now I can't get it to work anymore. I've tried so many ways to make this
code work that I can't begin to remember them all. So I'll include some
code from one of my latest attempts to give you an idea. I get the error
message 335544334 'conversion error from string' every time I attempt to
do an insert or append. I've had various erros during my attemts to fix
this problem - this is only the latest

Your problem might be that IB provides no implicit conversion from string
to blob. You will either have to use an UDF (I think a suitable one is
provided in the standard UDFLibrary) or let the client (your app) "assign
the string to a blob parameter".

Aage J.