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Geoff -

Thanks for the reply. I'm trying it now with the dsql
However, all I've done is set the SQL property to use the
mentioned INSERT statement. It's executing one row at a time as
I write
this, no more quickly than the TIBOQuery did. Is there a better
to doing this? Or should I continue to pursue doing this in

Incidentally, I'm parsing the data into TStringLists prior to
into the database. Is there any in memory structure that I
could use to
just jam the stringlist's strings into the table all at once?
You know,
one big simultaneous transaction? Just a thought.



Geoff Worboys wrote:
> Dont use TIBOQuery, its made for interactive use.
For the fastest
> possible inserts use TIB_DSQL. The BlobInserts
sample application
> that comes with IBO has an example of you to setup
this sort of thing.
> This sounds like some sort of problem with your
connection setup or
> possibly even a network problem. A more specific
error message would
> help.

David Keith

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