Subject Re[2]: [IBO] LiveMode - read this Jason.
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Jason, I dont know how IBX handles that since I dont use it ;) I just exposed a
situation to you that appeared in the IB-BR discussion group.

I think that the people who is requesting this feature dont want to code
that by hand, they want something as easy as a property... I also think
they would be satisfied with a "basic" version that deals only with
Queries and not with procedures, etc... just a guess...


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JW> Carlos,

JW> I don't get how this works. I agree that I could do some metadata queries to
JW> find out what roles people are using and therefore the permissions but I
JW> think it is a bit of a can of worms to try and automate this all.

JW> A user can also have permissions too that add in above the role they are
JW> using. Do you want me to have to add all this to the schema cache? What if
JW> they want to use stored procedures as the DML statements? It's just too
JW> messy I think...

JW> How does it know which tables are involved with a query to base the
JW> permissions lookup on? Has IBX finally added a parser to figure things out?
JW> I thought Jeff was entirely opposed to doing that. This sounds to me like
JW> Jeff is changing philosophies mid-stream.

JW> With IBO is all someone has to do is provide an OnGetCanModify event handler
JW> and maintain their own security table lookup to return false if someone
JW> doesn't have the correct permissions.

JW> I suppose I could add a property to do this but it seems to me like people
JW> would need some sort of customized behavior to really get it working right
JW> anyway. I believe in adding properties when they can deliver 100% on what
JW> they promise. This just doesn't seem like a possible case here to me. For
JW> certain it isn't a priority, even if people want to boast IBX over IBO here.

JW> Jason Wharton
JW> CPS - Mesa AZ

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>> Remember a previous discussion about this "rights thing" ? Now some IBX
>> defenders on my Interbase-BR list are saying that IBX has the answer and
JW> IBO not
>> (...zzzzZZZ).
>> I think something similar would be interesting to IBO people using
>> it would make the life easier for them.
>> From the IBX 4.52 README file :
>> 2. New Property - IBDatabase, IBQuery, IBTable - LiveMode, public, Set of
JW> TLiveMode, read-only.
>> Starting in 4.5 IBX should better support Roles. If you have an
JW> InsertSQL, ModifySQL,
>> DeleteSQL and RefreshSQL assigned, when the Dataset is prepared the
JW> LiveMode
>> property will reflect what permissions were granted by the server.
JW> LiveMode is a set with
>> the following possible values
>> (lmInsert, lmModify, lmDelete, lmRefresh)
>> So if your user does not have insert privledges then LiveModes would have
>> [lmModify, lmDelete, lmRefresh] and CanInsert will return false. IBX will
JW> stop
>> you from going into InsertMode if lmInsert is not part of the LiveMode
JW> set.
>> You can query LiveMode to determine the roles granted, or normally just
JW> let IBX
>> handle the stopping of editing, inserting etc. as needed.
>> []s
>> Carlos
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>> >> Is there a property in IBO similar to the new one in IBX "LiveMode"?
>> JW> I don't know what IBX's "LiveMode" is. Perhaps you could be more
JW> specific
>> JW> about what you want?
>> >> I have the problem that various users have different rights and I use
>> >> the same IBOQuery for everyone. So because my iboq component has an
>> >> insert_sql it gives an error when a user who does not have rights to
>> >> insert opens it... ...although I control access from my app...
>> JW> IBO has a RequestLive capability which will try and figure out how to
>> JW> deliver a live dataset for you. As long as your queries are fairly
JW> simple it
>> JW> will usually figure it out. It does not automatically take permissions
JW> into
>> JW> consideration. This is a requested feature that I may consider for a
JW> future
>> JW> release.
>> JW> You might like to take a look at using the PreventInserting,
JW> PreventEditing
>> JW> and PreventDeleting properties which would allow you to control the
>> JW> permissions in your application.
>> JW> HTH,
>> JW> Jason Wharton
>> JW> CPS - Mesa AZ
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