Subject Re: [IBO] Help on stored procedures/trigger
Author Marc Leclerc

Too many break should not be happening since when entered the data stays. It
is also very very unlikely that one department receives more than 999
request in a month. The problem I see with using a table is the number of
sequence I would have to keep. Dept A enters A01 (Year 2001) - 01
(January) - Sequence, now this sequence starts back at 1 on the next month
buy one may enter a request from the past month and the sequence must follow
the one from the preceding month.

Here is a part of the code I used for the paradox application that may
explain more what the need is.

QueryUtility->SQL->Add("Select MAX(RequestNumber) As sMax From dsRequest
Where RequestNumber Like '" +
S.SubString(1,7) + "%'");
int i = 1;
if ( !QueryUtility->FieldByName("sMax")->IsNull )
V = QueryUtility->FieldByName("sMax")->AsString;
i = StrToInt(V.SubString(8,3));
DataSet->FieldByName("RequestNumber")->AsString = S.SubString(1,7) +
V.sprintf("%3.3i", i);
TableRequestRequestNumber->EditMask = ">L00\-00\-000;1;_";

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> Your real problem is how you are going to generate the sequence number
> safely in a multi-user environment. Another posting suggested
> selecting the sequence number from a table - but it did not do it in a
> safe manner - and it is something that is frowned upon by most
> database purists.
> There is an article in the IBO online help about maintaining pure
> (unbroken) sequences. I dont know whether your sequence numbers must
> be unbroken or not, but with only 3 digit I suspect that you would not
> want too many breaks.
> Is this what you were looking for?
> Geoff Worboys
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