Subject RE: [IBO] IBO Support Environment
Author Kaputnik

this is exactly the answer to our (at least my) prayers....
It would be very usefull to have a centralized gdb with local archives,
perhaps a mechanism to delete messages older than x days on the local
archive and full-text-search in the db for keywords (something homegrown)...

I can again offer to share my hardware and bandwidth to host the central
gdb, or at least a replicated european server. The machine I have in mind is
a 1BG RAM PIII-500 with a 5-disk lvd-raid 5 (this one would be almost
dedicated, hosting only a small gateway-server on it which has 1-2 times per
week something to do)...this schould suffice, I think. If the load becomes
too hard, there are still other machines available with more horsepower...

CU, Kaputnik
(Nick Josipovic)

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> Subject: [IBO] IBO Support Environment
> I would very much like to develop a customized knowledge base/support
> environment for IBO. In fact, I would like to make it generic so
> it can host
> other things as well. I feel like there is a great niche waiting to be
> filled because list servers and newsgroups just don't cut it.
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