Subject Params value
Author Yagi
Hi to all,

I'm trying to check if a user type in Params values of a TIB_Query (i'm
using TIB_StatementGrid)
I have something like this

for(int i = 0; i < ibqRaport->Params->ColumnCount; i++)
Application->MessageBox(AnsiString("Type in param value for " +
ibqRaport->Params->Columns[i]->FieldName + ".").c_str(),
Application->Title.c_str(), MB_OK | MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);

The problem is that ibqRaport->Params->Columns[i] is always NULL. Why?
What's wrong?

I have some litle problem with TIB_StatementGrid too. I have TIB_Grid and
TIB_Statement on one form (both components visible).
Now, i prepare the query, put some params into TIB_StatementGrid (have to
params for example), open the query and cheng focus to Grid. After this one
of the params in TIB_StatementGrid is not visible (the cell is blank) but if
I change focus back to TIB_StatementGrid the param value is visible again.
Maybe some bug?

Thanks form any help