Subject RE: [IBO] Is TIBOTable Good?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Welcome to IBO Jim,

>Will it be OK to use TIBOQuery ? Will this be an acceptable way and not bad
>in c/s ?

It isn't TIBOTable in itself that is bad, it is the mindset it requires.
For client/server databases you simply don't transfer all records of a
table to the client (except for very small tables). Hence, there's no
difference between using a TIBOTable and a TIBOQuery with SQL 'SELECT *
FROM <table>'.

Basically, as long as you transfer only records and fields of interest,
you're fine in C/S (but it may take some time for you to figure out that
most records are not interesting). Most of us prefer the native components
(TIB_*) over the dataset compatible (TIBO*) components unless we have to
cooperate with components that doesn't support native IBO, because it gives
us more control and options.

>Thanks for the help I am very very new to IBO after being frustrated with
>IBX and FIBPlus(this component is a total joke)

If you stick to IBO past the initial, frustrating learning curve, you will
be pleased. IBO won Delphi Informants Best Database Connectivity award last
year, and Jason has informed us that the results to be published next month
will give the prize to IBO once again.