Subject RE: Incremental search
Author Gabriel Juncu
Hi again!

Sorry for my previous message, I made a mistake, I found out that
OnIncSearch event of the IB_Grid IS called when I press ENTER, but with
IncSearchState set to FALSE and Text containing the searched string. But how
can I modify the text before the actual search begins?


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Subject: Incremental search

> Hi list!
> Is there a way (except modifying the IBO sources) of altering the
> incremental search string of an TIB_Query just before the search begins? I
> have a TIB_Grid connected to a TIB_Query and I want to search a Date
> but if I supply only the DAY part of the date, I want to add some default
> values for MONTH and YEAR before the inc. search begins. I noticed that
> OnIncSearch event of the grid is called on every character I type (that's
> ok) but NOT for the final ENTER, that actually starts the search. Is there
> way to achieve this?
> Thanks,
> Gabriel