Subject IBO CGI does not work on client machine
I am a freelance middle tier programmer. I normally write application
using Delphi/ODBC express. I have a client that uses Interbase and
IBObjects. They want CGI as oppossed to ISAP. I normally do Access or
Oracle. I got Web CGI working with INTERSOLVE ODBC driver (I'm using
NT 4.0 SP5, they are using 2000 Pro) but they had problems. I bought
IBObjects this morning and converted the app to IBO. It works fine on
my machine. I sent the client the app. He puts it in his
Inetpub/scripts directory and put the GDB file on his C: root (where
I hardcoded the path property of the IB_Connection) directory and
trys to run it. When he does, he gets a dialog box from an
unidentified source asking for a user name and password.

User name and password are hard coded in the IB_Connection, prompt
property is set to no. I'm using IB 5.5, he is using IB 5.6. Anyone
know what is going on here. It's a long drive to his place. Any help
would be apprieciated.