Subject Order of Perameters
Author Paul Schmidt
Hi List:

This is more an IB question then an IBO question, but since we seem
to have the same gurus here, and in IB Support, I'll post here.... I
haven't tried this, but would like to know if I am thinking the right

I have the following select :

SELECT * FROM Table1 WHERE ((x = :x1 AND w= :w1 ) OR y= :y1 OR z=
:z1) AND

Yes X1, Y1, Z1 and W1 are parameters, here are the possibilities

X1/W1, Y1 and Z1 all contain values, that will return a different set
of records, which set can I expect to get back, the set belonging to
X1/W1, Y1 or Z1?

X1, W1 and Y1 are NULL, in which case we do NOT want to match the
NULL, we want to get the set matching Z1 instead, will this happen?

X1 = 'YONGE' , w1 = 'TORONTO' we want YONGE ST in TORONTO we do not
want, under any curcumstances YONGE ST in MOOSENOSE

Am I being reasonable or am I far enough in left field to be off the



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