Subject Re: [IBO] Digest Number 260
Author Gabriel Juncu
Hi Helen,

You wrote:

> [...deleted...]
> "IBO based" really means "data based" and "database-based" and you need
DML Caching here.
> The events notification system is not as ugly as you think it is. It is
beautifully encapsulated in the
> DML Caching features.
> The catch here is that you really need to work a bit harder on the code to
take advantage of it with
> the TDataset/TDatasource compatible components. You'll need to take
charge of the TIBOTables'
> InternalDataset property and use casting to get at the properties.
> There is a Tech Info sheet on DML Caching - let me know if you are
> [...deleted...]
> No: none such awkward, client-driven mularkey. IBO's DML Caching does it
all with events and
> triggers and it can even be used to keep different clients in synch with
one another.

I am very interested in Tech Info sheet, I am using DML Caching in a MDI app
(works very well indeed) and I would like to know more, especially how can I
synchronize different clients using DML Caching. Can you
provide the link to the Tech Info?

Thank you,