Subject Re: [IBO] SQLWhere Example wanted
Author Andreas Pohl
You need,

TIB_Connection (assign DatabaseName,UserName,Password;)
TIB_Connection (assign IB_Connection)
TIB_Query(assign IB_Connection,IB_Transaction)
TIB_Datasource(assign IB_Query)
TIB_SearchPanel(assign IB_Datasource)
TIB_IB_UpdateBar,TIB_NavigationBar,TIB_SearchBar (assign IB_DataSource)

Doubleclick on IB_Query1 and assign sql.text with 'select * from adr). Try
to open dataset at runtime by clicking on blue book button (Hint: Open
dataset'). It should work at design time. Hit the blue question mark
(4.button from left) and dataset is in search mode. Assign a wanted text in
field and post your search (blue ok button). If this is working at design
time, your app is working at runtime. You've only to open the dataset in
OnShow event of form (IB_query1.Open).

This is a realy simple explanation for your first app. Please keep in mind
that all native TIB_XXX controls (Edit,Memo etc.) are "search aware", e.g.
you can edit a search condition in search mode and IBO will add right where
clause to your query automatically. Please see online help for advanced
search conditions ( "between, <,=,>" ) and IBO's date handling etc.

HTH for first steps.

Mit freundlichem Gruss & Best Regards

Andreas Pohl
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Subject: Re: [IBO] SQLWhere Example wanted

Yes I need more help.
Could you send me just a sceleton program using the
the IB_Edit and the statements(component) ?
Where and how can I enter my sql statement (select * from adr where
name.....etc) ?
What must I enter in the edit component ?
A example how ever small would be a help, it does not have to work,
it must be small (simple) so I can work from there.

thaks aforehand


--- In IBObjects@y..., Harald Klomann <nibler@t...> wrote:
> lee@l... wrote:
> >
> > Open a database with a grid attached, a edit component where I can
> > enter a name, and then the procedure to search on that name.
> >
> > e.g. 'select * from ADR where NAME >' + edit.text
> >
> Lee,
> just use the Search Mode of TIB_Query, this does all for you
> Use IB_SearchBar to enter the SearchMode, or just call
IB_Query.Search .
> Enter your search criteria in your IB_Edit and use IB_SearchBar to
start search
> or just call IB_Query.Post . That´s all you need to do !
> More help needed ?
> Harald

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