Subject RE: [IBO] SQLWhere Example wanted
Author Nico Callewaert

If you send me your e-mail address, I can send you some files. I guess
you're living in Belgium too...

Nico Callewaert


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Verzonden: maandag 12 maart 2001 19:56
Onderwerp: Re: [IBO] SQLWhere Example wanted

Yes I need more help.
Could you send me just a sceleton program using the
the IB_Edit and the statements(component) ?
Where and how can I enter my sql statement (select * from adr where
name.....etc) ?
What must I enter in the edit component ?
A example how ever small would be a help, it does not have to work,
it must be small (simple) so I can work from there.

thaks aforehand


--- In IBObjects@y..., Harald Klomann <nibler@t...> wrote:
> lee@l... wrote:
> >
> > Open a database with a grid attached, a edit component where I can
> > enter a name, and then the procedure to search on that name.
> >
> > e.g. 'select * from ADR where NAME >' + edit.text
> >
> Lee,
> just use the Search Mode of TIB_Query, this does all for you
> Use IB_SearchBar to enter the SearchMode, or just call
IB_Query.Search .
> Enter your search criteria in your IB_Edit and use IB_SearchBar to
start search
> or just call IB_Query.Post . That´s all you need to do !
> More help needed ?
> Harald

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