Subject RE: [IBO] Refreshing Data
Author Paul Schmidt
On 13 Mar 2001, at 1:10, Helen Borrie wrote:

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Subject: RE: [IBO] Refreshing Data

> At 08:50 AM 12-03-01 -0500, you wrote:
> >That's the easy solution? That sounds really really ugly, I was
> >hoping for something IBO based.
> "IBO based" really means "data based" and "database-based" and you
> need DML Caching here. The events notification system is not as ugly
> as you think it is. It is beautifully encapsulated in the DML Caching
> features. The catch here is that you really need to work a bit harder
> on the code to take advantage of it with the TDataset/TDatasource
> compatible components. You'll need to take charge of the TIBOTables'
> InternalDataset property and use casting to get at the properties.
> There is a Tech Info sheet on DML Caching - let me know if you are
> interested.

Is this available in Electronic form, if so I wouldn't mind looking
at a copy....

> >The problem as I see it, is that
> >each form is an MDI Child, so it lives entirely on the stack. So it
> >would need to be able to do this dynamically. I guess I need to
> >think up plan B.
> No: none such awkward, client-driven mularkey. IBO's DML Caching
> does it all with events and triggers and it can even be used to keep
> different clients in synch with one another.

I just looked at it, and saw another 6-8 weeks of development added
to a project that is already 6 months behind it's (unofficial)
scheduled release, with another 2 months to go. If it was something
simple that could be done in a day, I wouldn't mind. I will probably
just write it the way I was going to write it, and deal with it in a
future version.

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