Subject Re: [IBO] resource-leak ??!?
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> Hi Ralf,
Hi !

> So you have experimented and seen that the problem does not occur
> under NT/W2K? Or is it only that there are generally more resources
> available so it does not matter as much?

Win9x has unlike WinNT/2k - at least this is my experience - a limited number of window-handles.


> Can you give any hint on which resources are being consumed (handles,
> memory, GDI)?

After starting the application Tutorial5 (with some other apps already open) I have
53% System ressources
58% User Ressources
53% GDI Ressources

After scrolling down and up 7 lines (nothing new is displayed) this decreases to 47-58-47,
srolling down/up again -> 40-58-40
---"--- -> 34-58-34 ...

and so on.
Note : Nothing new is displayed ever in the grid, only the font of the selected line is changed. Even closing the connection to the DB and re-connecting does not free these ressources.

>Which version of Win98? Which version Delph/BCB was
> used to build? Are you using a local Interbase installation or remote
> server? Which version of Interbase?

Win98SE (german version)
Delphi 5 CS
Local installation of Interbase, Version

> Obviously any such problem is a real concern but we need more
> information if we are to try and track this down.

I hope this helps to resolve this problem...